970917 eh problems - bootstrap failure

meissner@cygnus.com meissner@cygnus.com
Thu Sep 18 04:11:00 GMT 1997

| Robert Lipe wrote:
| > The assembler trips over itself when doing a bootstrap.  In COFF
| > mode (which is what the native tools do by default) a section name
| > can no be over 7 characters.  (See kludge in sco5.h.  Search for 
| > "gcc_except_table".)
| Actually, this limit seems to be present only in the COFF mode.   Once
| Kean's patches are applied, the default is ELF, which serves to prolong
| the lose until the multilib/crt stuff is whacked with '-mcoff'.
| Is this really a COFF thing, or is it lameness in the SCO assembler?
| Unixware wouldn't have this limitation becuase it's never had the ability
| to generate COFF binaries.  Don't know about other x86 COFF targets - ISC?
| Coherent?

The original COFF did indeed restrict section names to 8 characters (the s_name
field in scnhdr).

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