which ranlib?

Kate Hedstrom kate@ahab.Rutgers.EDU
Fri Sep 12 06:07:00 GMT 1997

I am trying to "make bootstrap" on a FreeBSD system and got stuck at:

ar rc ../../libf2c.a libE77/*
rm -fr libE77
if true; then /usr/local/i386-unknown-freebsd2.1.6/bin/ranlib ../../libf2c.a;  else true; fi
/usr/local/i386-unknown-freebsd2.1.6/bin/ranlib: not found
*** Error code 2

gecko% which ranlib

It looks like I once installed binutils on this system but later
deleted parts of it, including that whole 
/usr/local/i386-unknown-freebsd2.1.6/bin/ directory.  I can probably
get it to build by digging around in gcc/f/runtime, but I don't know
how you want to fix it in the distribution.


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