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Per Bothner bothner@cygnus.com
Thu Sep 11 14:01:00 GMT 1997

> Based on the rest of your message the answer is "yes, there has
> been something in the standard gcc releases to do this".

There does seem to be.  That is a bug that should be fixed.

> on linux, gcc will be installed in /usr.

99% of Linux users use a distribution, such as Debian or RedHat.
/usr should belong to the distribution.  For user to randomly
add packages to /usr is wrong, because it reduces the effectiveness
of using a package management system.  For example, if /usr/bin/gcc
is overridden, the package system may complain when it is time to
do a laietr update.  And a later package update will fail to remove
the user-installed gcc-lib.

Packages manually compiled by the user (not using the package management
system) belong in /usr/local, not /usr, on any well-run Linux system.

Yes, I have violated this rule.  But gcc should not do it by default.

> Well, I still think it's the wrong thing to do, but if Richard
> Henderson or someone else familiar with linux sez it's OK, then
> I'll go ahead and install the changes.

I say: don't.  It's wrong.

	--Per Bothner
Cygnus Solutions     bothner@cygnus.com     http://www.cygnus.com/~bothner

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