Symbol weirdness on SCO OSR5

Jeffrey A Law
Sun Sep 7 14:13:00 GMT 1997

  In message < >you write:
  > Oh.   It's worth disclaiming that Kean and I are likely both using 
  > the multilib patches (I know I am) he submitted a week or two ago 
  > instead of what's actually in the tree becuase it fixes so many 
  > problems for us.   So if you look at *sco5* and don't see multilibbing
  > stuff, that's why.
Kean -- What the status on the copyright papers for this stuff?  I'd like
to see it go in, but we can't install it without papers.

If you've sent them, then I can bug the FSF folks to find out what's
going on.  If you haven't sent them, let me know when you do.

  > So, if you really think this is likely the problem, how do we get 
  > the multilibbed code to build the ELF version of libgcc.a with 
  > -fPIC and not pass this to the COFF version?
I think the way to do this is with something like
MULTILIB_OPTIONS = pic/coff ...

Which should indicate that pic & coff don't go together.


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