egcs v970828 builds fine on linux-i586libc1 =)

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Sep 2 15:34:00 GMT 1997

  In message <> you write:
  > Built the whole dist with CFLAGS='-O6 -mpentium -pipe' CXXFLAGS='-O6 -mpentium
  > -pipe' LDFLAGS='-m486 -s -Xlinker -n'....the whole package built fine.  I then
  > went into the gcc dir and built stage1, stage2, stage3 in the normal fashion
  > to test the compiler.  Everything appears to be working, even with '-O6 -mpentium'.  
Good.  Thanks for the info.

  > On a side note, it may be worth mentioning that XFree86 should _not_ be built
  > with -O6.  The package builds, but some strange runtime problems pop up...the
  > most annoying of which is a keyboard mapping problem that causes certain keys
  > to send characters when they are released instead of when they are pressed.
  > After rebuilding the package with -O2 the problems went away.  (not saying
  > this is a compiler problem, just for your reference if you end up building X ;)
Can you investigate this further?  Unlike pgcc, egcs should be producing correct
code regardless of what optimization level is used.

One way to do this would be to at least identify the file which is mis-compiled
at -O6, then we can dive in further to figure out why that file is mis-compiled.

  > The last thing...honest...I was just wondering how up-to-date the
  > pentium-specific stuff is in egcs (ie if i have 970828, is this reasonably
  > close to 970821+the pcgg patch)
No, no significant parts of pgcc have been integrated; pgcc needs a lot of work
and integrating useful pieces won't happen for a little while (ie no change
they'll go in before the first release).


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