various questions

Jeffrey A Law
Mon Dec 22 11:33:00 GMT 1997

  In message < >you write:
  > My research group is interested in using your compiler to do
  > scientific development.   Before we do this, however, we 
  > have two questions.
  > 1) How does C++ fit into this project?  Is it very low priority?
Both the C++ compiler and the associated runtime libraries are high priority
for the egcs project.

  > 2) How stable is your project?  Will it be around for at least
  > a few years?
We believe egcs-1.0 is stable and comparable in quality to most gcc releases;
stability of snapshots varies widely.

We will be making an egcs-1.0.1 release shortly to address some issues with
egcs-1.0; if you look in the egcs mail archives you'll probably find a message
within the last 24hours detailing the fixes planned for egcs-1.0.1.

The project is healthy and growing rapidly; we expect it to be around

Of course we might be a little biased. :-)


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