egcs install problem under cygwin.dll / Windows NT

Mike Davies
Sun Dec 21 12:25:00 GMT 1997


I am trying to get the 1st release of egcs to compile under the cygwin
unix library under NT and I have run into a problem.

I run a shell by entering "bash" (or "sh" - it makes no difference to
the reported error) then I type "./configure", the output from this is
as follows :

/configure: args: command not found
./configure: that: command not found
./configure: line 138: syntax error near unexpected token `--ma*)'
./configure: line 138: `am-p* | --program-s* | --program-t* | --si* | --
sr* | --
ta* | --tm* | --x-* | --bi* | --sb* | --li* | --da* | --sy* | --sh* | --
lo* | --
in* | --ol* | --ma*)'

I haven't seen any references to anything resembling this in the recent
mail archives, and I was wondering if anybody can guess what is wrong ?

Also there used to be a text version of the mail archives, does anybody
know where they are, all I can find at are the .html
links which I cannot download so as to browse them offline.



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