profiling under OSR5

Bill Walker
Thu Dec 18 08:28:00 GMT 1997

Robert Lipe writes:
> > 	Ah, heck.  Is there a trick to profiling a C program
> > under egcs-1.0 on OSR5.0.[24] ?
> I remember dancing around with this before 5.0.0 was released 
> and punting on it completely at the time.  
> There are two forms of profiling, block profiling and timer slice
> profiling.   I think each of these is available in GNU-based and 
> native-based tools (gprof/prof, lprof).   There wasn't any real
> amount of rocket science in the target-specific end of the compiler 
> itself, as I recall it was just going through the drudgery of 
> getting the right startups, teardowns, and options passed around.
> I had bigger fish to skin. (Or some cliche like that. :-)   Now that
> we finally have something out the door that works pretty well, I will
> more readily entertain working on stuff like this.
> Tell us what you want, what you've tried, and what you've got and
> I'm sure we can help make something work.

	I really haven't put much into it yet.  The GNU profiler
"isn't supported on this platform", so I'm stuck with the 
SCO profiler for the moment.  If I
use egcs g++ with the "-p" option the resulting executable will produce a
"mon.out" file that the SCO profiler can work with, at least after a fashion.

	If I use "-p" with plain old egcs gcc, the "mon.out" file is not
produced at all.  Hence, my question about "is there a trick ...".

	Actually, not having a working profiler is fairly serious if the
compiler is to be used for "real problems" ... .   (Sorry --- I'm preaching
to the choir ... )

73 de Bill W5GFE

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