mutt: slight problem

Jean-Pierre Radley
Sat Dec 13 14:41:00 GMT 1997

Mutt is my MUA; until today, I've been compiling it with Robert
Lipe's port of gcc for SCO OpenServer 5.

Having just now compiled and dejagnu-tested the 1.0 release of
egcs-gcc, the first program I tried to recompile was mutt
( ).

All actions having to do with color or inverse video are
non-functional.  I'm using the same curses library under either

I then recompiled xt and xc, communications programs which I
maintain.  They perform no color operations, but when compiled
against the same curses library, they do reverse-video just fine.

Jean-Pierre Radley   XC/XT Custodian   Sysop, CompuServe SCOForum

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