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Bill Walker
Mon Dec 8 11:54:00 GMT 1997

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> I've had egcs up and running for a few days now, and have encountered no
> problems with the programs I've compiled (other than the ones I make for 
> myself).  One thing I've noticed is that the stripped executables are 
> significantly larger than those I get with gcc2.  I compile with
> -O3 -ffast-math -funroll-loops -malign-*=0  -malign-double -march=pentium (or
> -m486).
> Any idea why this happens?
> David Ronis

	I have had essentially the same experience, with C, FORTRAN,
and C++.  The increase is anywhere from about 2% to about 10%, after
stripping, and running through mcs -d.  OTOH, the egcs compiler seems to
compile things that I just couldn't compile before, so I consider it
a wash.

	My platform is OSR 5.0.4.


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