gnu-libc and egcs problems on linux

Mike Neuhauser
Wed Dec 3 10:32:00 GMT 1997

In message < >, Ulrich Drepper writes:

> Mike Neuhauser <> writes:
> > So the _G_config.h from the host system is out-dated and _G_config.h
> > has to be generated from the gnulibc2 header files (configure
> > --with-headers=gnulibc2-headers-directory).
> It is correct that the system version is outdated but never
> _G_config.h must be generated for use with glibc.  This cannot work.

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear enough: _G_config.h is needed during
the build of *egcs* when it is generated from the gnulibc2 headers. I
think this is fairly important as gnulibc2 is the new standard c-library
for linux.

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