Multiple inheritance

Jason Merrill
Mon Dec 1 18:46:00 GMT 1997

>>>>> Joshua S Allen <> writes:

> I am making modifications to the gnu g++ compiler to include automatic
> conflict resolution of multiple inheritance using a linearization
> algorithm.

What do you mean?
> (1) I need to construct a table of direct parents of a class.  Whereas this
> could easily be done at parse time, it is presenting me with problems and I
> was wondering if you could direct me to how this information could be
> extracted from the parse tree.

TYPE_BINFO_BASETYPES (type) is a vector of the direct bases.
> (2) I am adding the algorithm within the function lookup_fnfields
> (cp/search.c) where
>         errstr = "request for method %D' is ambiguous"; 
>     Once I locate the method in a class, what is the format of the return
> value I give to the calling function.  I need a way of telling the calling
> function the particular method within a specific class to use.
lookup_fnfields returns a list where the PURPOSE is the basetype where the
functions are found, and the VALUE is the list of functions.


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