NEW GCC build failure, HEAD@169877 on native

GCC regression tester
Mon Feb 7 09:50:00 GMT 2011

With your recent patch, GCC HEAD revision 169877 had problems on:
native: build (NEW build failure)
Attached is build output for those targets.
The previous build was of revision 169876.

Log information for changes since the last build:
r169877 | ktietz | 2011-02-07 00:20:56 -0800 (Mon, 07 Feb 2011) | 8 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/lto-plugin/ChangeLog
   M /trunk/lto-plugin/
   M /trunk/lto-plugin/

2011-02-07  Kai Tietz  <>

        PR lto/47225
        * (Wl): New helper for encoding -Wl,.
        (liblto_plugin_la_LIBADD): Use -Wl for libiberty library.
        * Regenerated.


For more information, see <>.

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checking for exported symbols... yes
checking for -rdynamic... yes
checking for library containing dlopen... -ldl
checking for -fPIC -shared... yes
configure: updating cache ./config.cache
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating as
config.status: creating collect-ld
config.status: creating nm
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: creating ada/gcc-interface/Makefile
config.status: creating ada/Makefile
config.status: creating auto-host.h
config.status: executing default commands
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/regress/tbox/native/build'
make[1]: *** [stage1-bubble] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/regress/tbox/native/build'
make: *** [bootstrap] Error 2
+ '[' -s .bad_compare ']'
+ exit 1
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Geoffrey Keating <> 
(via an automated GCC regression-testing script.)

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