new FAILs on HEAD

Michael Ritzert
Thu Feb 24 22:00:00 GMT 2005

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The build system:
Fedora Core release 3 (Heidelberg)
configure flags: --enable-threads=posix --prefix=/opt/gcc/install/HEAD --enable-__cxa_atexit --with-system-zlib --enable-languages=c,ada,c++,f95,java,objc

These new FAILs appeared since the last run:

FAIL:	cdd2001

The complete testsuite logs can be found at

These are the new ChangeLog entries since the last run:

2005-02-24  Tobias Schl"uter  <>

	Revert yesterday's patch:
	2005-02-23  Tobias Schl"uter  <>

		* gfortran.h (gfc_component, gfc_actual_arglist, ...
		... argument.  Copy string instead of pointing to it.

	[ Reverted ]
2005-02-24  James A. Morrison  <>

	PR other/19896
        * execute/execute.exp: New file.
        * execute/funccall.tree, execute/funccall-2.tree, execute/initial.tree,
        execute/main.tree, execute/static.tree: New tests.

2005-02-24  James A. Morrison  <>

	PR other/19897
	* compile/exit.tree, compile/extref.tree, compile/function-1.tree,
	compile/syntax-1.tree: New tests.

2005-02-24  Diego Novillo  <>

	* tree-into-ssa.c: Re-organize internal functions.

2005-02-24  James A. Morrison  <>

	PR other/19896
	* treetree.c (tree_code_create_variable): Initialize DECL_EXTERNAL,
	TREE_PUBLIC, and TREE_STATIC for var_decl to zero.  Don't call
	rest_of_decl_compilation on static variables.
	(pushdecl): Put DECL_EXPRs into the current BIND_EXPR for automatic
2005-02-24  James A. Morrison  <>

	PR other/19897
	* parse.y: (function_prototype): Accept EXTERNAL_REFERENCE_STORAGE.
	Move function parameters check from ...
	(function): ...Here.  Update call to tree_code_create_function_initial.
	(function_invocation): Use expressions_with_commas_opt instead of
	(expressions_with_commas_opt): New rule.
	* treetree.c (tree_code_create_function_prototype): Create PARM_DECLs
	for function parameters.
	(tree_code_create_function_initial): Remove PARMS parameter.
	Don't create PARM_DECLs for function parameters.
	* treetree.h (tree_code_create_function_initial): Remove PARMS

2005-02-24  James A. Morrison  <>

	* MAINTAINERS (Language Front Ends Maintainers): Add myself as
	treelang maintainer.
	(Write After Approval): Remove myself.

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