20 GCC HEAD regressions, 4 new, with your patch on 2004-06-16T20:00:03Z.

Roger Sayle roger@eyesopen.com
Thu Jun 17 17:12:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, David Edelsohn wrote:
> > native gcc.sum gcc.c-torture/execute/divconst-2.c
> This failure appeared yesterday on the powerpc-ibm-aix testresults.
> The log output is:
> /gcc/dje/src/gcc/testsuite/gcc.c-torture/execute/divconst-2.c: In function `r':
> /gcc/dje/src/gcc/testsuite/gcc.c-torture/execute/divconst-2.c:10: internal compiler error: in expand_mult_const, at expmed.c:2614
> 	I think this may be related to Roger's recent expmed.c changes.

Yep, this looks like mine.  The assertion checking on line 2613
needs to mask both val and val_so_far by the current machine mode.
I'm preparing a patch that I'll test on powerpc-ibm-aix5.2.0.0.
Sorry for the inconvenience,


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