23 GCC HEAD regressions, 1 new, with your patch on 2004-06-10T08:10:15Z.

Joseph S. Myers jsm@polyomino.org.uk
Fri Jun 11 15:16:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Diego Novillo wrote:

> The idea is that for every failure there should exist a corresponding PR
> and the failure should be XFAIL'd.

Is there a plan to go through all existing XFAILs in all the testsuites in
GCC and open PRs for them if they don't already exist?  Or at least an
intention to put doing so on some projects list, keep track of which parts
of the testsuites have been done and enforce that no new XFAIL goes in
without a PR?  (projects/beginner.html mentions "Analyze test cases marked
XFAIL and patch them." and filing PRs and patching the test cases to refer
to the PRs seems suitable, but the use is limited without tracking where
has been converted to have all XFAILs in Bugzilla.)

Joseph S. Myers

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