GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2003-06-15T18:00:02Z.

Andrew Pinski pinskia@physics.uc.edu
Sun Jun 15 18:19:00 GMT 2003

This one is caused by one of the following:
2003-06-15  Neil Booth  <neil@daikokuya.co.uk>

         * opts.sh: Quote '+' in regex.
2003-06-15  Neil Booth  <neil@daikokuya.co.uk>

         * c-opts.c (lang_flags): Update for new spelling of flags.
         (write_langs): Similarly.
         * c.opt: Specify languages.
         * opts.h: Remove languages.
         * opts.sh: Recognise front-end defined languages.
         * sourcebuild.texi: Update.
2003-06-15  Neil Booth  <neil@daikokuya.co.uk>

         * c-pch.c (asm_file_name): Remove.
         * common.opt: Add more switches.
         * flags.h (g_switch_set): Boolify.
         * opts.c (g_switch_value, g_switch_set, exit_after_options,
         version_flag): Move from toplev.c.
         (common_handle_option): Handle more switches from toplev.c.
         * toplev.c (display_help, display_target_options, 
         print_version): Make non-static, remove prototypes.
         (aux_base_name, asm_file_name, aux_info_file_name): Constify.
         (version_flag, g_switch_value, g_switch_set, 
         (independent_decode_option): Move some handlers to opts.c.
         * toplev.h (aux_info_file_name, aux_base_name, asm_file_name,
         exit_after_options, version_flag, display_help, 
         print_version, decode_d_option): New.

Andrew Pinski

On Sunday, Jun 15, 2003, at 14:04 US/Eastern, GCC regression checker 

> With your recent patch, GCC does not compile on:
>  native
> Attached is build output for those targets.
> The last time the regression tests were run, GCC did not compile 
> either,
> so the problem might not be caused by your patch.
> For more information, see http://gcc.gnu.org/regtest/.
> <ChangeLog.diff><native-log.txt>--
> Geoffrey Keating <geoffk@apple.com>
> (via an automated GCC regression-testing script.)

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