GCC build failed for powerpc-eabisim with your patch on 2001-06-27T14:38:41Z.

GCC regression checker regress@maat.cygnus.com
Wed Jun 27 10:17:00 GMT 2001

With your recent patch, GCC does not compile on:
Attached is build output for those targets.

The last time the regression tests were run, GCC did not compile either,
so the problem might not be caused by your patch.

There were also 0 new regression test failures, and 8
failures that existed before and after that patch; 0 failures
have been fixed.

The old failures, which were not fixed or introduced by your patch, are:
native g++.sum g++.ext/attrib2.C
native g++.sum g++.ext/attrib3.C
native gcc.sum gcc.c-torture/execute/921123-2.c
native gcc.sum gcc.c-torture/execute/990923-1.c
native gcc.sum gcc.c-torture/execute/built-in-setjmp.c
native gcc.sum gcc.dg/20000724-1.c
native gcc.sum gcc.dg/990424-1.c
native gcc.sum gcc.dg/991214-1.c

For more information, see < http://www.cygnus.com/~geoffk/gcc-regression/ >.

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