1 GCC regressions, 0 new, with your patch on 2000-08-22T10:35:00Z.

GCC regression checker geoffk@cygnus.com
Tue Aug 22 06:00:00 GMT 2000

(This is an automated message.)

With your recent patch, GCC has some regression test failures, which
used to pass.  There are 0 new failures, and 1
failures that existed before and after that patch; 0 failures
have been fixed.

The old failures, which were not fixed or introduced by your patch, are:
g++.sum g++.ns/koenig7.C

A complete list of failures is attached.  Also attached is a diff of
the ChangeLog entries since the last time the regression tests passed,
on 2000-08-12T01:20:00Z.

For more information, see < http://www.cygnus.com/~geoffk/gcc-regression/ >.

If it seems that you have been sent this mail incorrectly---that is,
if you did not recently check in a change to GCC---please
contact Geoffrey Keating <geoffk@cygnus.com>.  The script that
extracts e-mail addresses from ChangeLog entries is not completely

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