[PATCH] fwprop: Allow UNARY_P and check register pressure.

Richard Sandiford richard.sandiford@arm.com
Tue Sep 26 16:24:47 GMT 2023

Robin Dapp via Gcc-patches <gcc-patches@gcc.gnu.org> writes:
> Thanks for looking at it in detail.
>> Yeah, I think this is potentially a blocker for propagating A into B
>> when A is used elsewhere.  Combine is able to combine A and B while
>> keeping A in parallel with the result.  I think either fwprop would
>> need to try that too, or it would need to be restricted to cases where A
>> is only used in B.
> That seems a rather severe limitation and my original use case would
> not get optimized considerably anymore.  The intention was to replace
> all uses (if register pressure allows).  Of course the example is simple
> enough that a propagation is always useful if the costs allow it, so
> it might not be representative.
> I'm wondering if we could (my original misunderstanding) tentatively
> try to propagate into all uses of a definition and, when reaching
> a certain ratio, decide that it might be worth it, otherwise revert.
> Would be very crude though, and not driven by the actual problem we're
> trying to avoid. 
>> I think the summary is:
>> IMO, we have to be mindful that combine is still to run.  We need to
>> avoid making equal-cost changes if the new form is more complex, or
>> otherwise likely to interfere with combine.
> I guess we don't have a good measure for complexity or "combinability"
> and even lower-cost changes could result in worse options later.
> Would it make sense to have a strict less-than cost policy for those
> more complex propagations?  Or do you consider the approach in its
> current shape "hopeless", given the complications we discussed?
>> Alternatively, we could delay the optimisation until after combine
>> and have freer rein, since we're then just mopping up opportunities
>> that other passes left behind.
>> A while back I was experimenting with a second combine pass.  That was
>> the original motiviation for rtl-ssa.  I never got chance to finish it
>> off though.
> This doesn't sound like something that would still materialize before
> the end of stage 1 :)
> Do you see any way of restricting the current approach to make it less
> intrusive and still worthwhile?  Limiting to vec_duplicate might be
> much too arbitrary but would still help for my original example.

FWIW, I sent an RFC for a late-combine pass that might help:


I think it'll need some tweaking for your use case, but hopefully
it's "just" a case of expanding the register pressure tests.


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