[PATCH v1] RISC-V: Bugfix for scalar move with merged operand

Jeff Law jeffreyalaw@gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 17:44:12 GMT 2023

On 9/18/23 04:00, Robin Dapp wrote:
>> I must be missing something.  Doesn't insn 10 broadcast the immediate
>> 0x2 to both elements of r142?!?  What am I missing?
> It is indeed a bit misleading.  The difference is in the mask which
> is not displayed in the short form.  So we actually use a vec_dup
> for a single-element move, essentially a masked vec_dup where only
> one element is masked in.
Ah :-)

> The problem was that the original doesn't use a merging "vec_set"
> but a "destructive" one where the other elements get ignored.
> The fix is OK IMHO.


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