[PATCH v2 0/11] Native complex operations

Sylvain Noiry snoiry@kalrayinc.com
Tue Sep 12 10:07:02 GMT 2023

I have updated the series of patches. Most changes consist of bug fixes.

However 2 new patches add features:

PATCH 9/11: Remove useless special cases

    This patch remove two special cases for complex which are now fairly 
    enough handled by the general case. Don't hesitate to tell me if you 
    think I'm wrong.

PATCH 10/11: Add a fast complex multiplication pattern

    In some cases where the target machine does not have a dedicated instruction 
    for a floating point operation, we may let gcc expand it into a series of 
    basics operations, and IEEE checks are automatically added. However it may 
    be interesting for a backend developer to write its own fast path of an 
    emulated operation, without the need to check IEEE manually. This is what a 
    fast pattern stands for. For example, it's possible to write a fast emulated 
    complex multiplication pattern, but let gcc check if the result is correct, 
    or call the helper elsewhere. 

The experimental x86 support is now patch number 11.



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