[PATCH 01/13] [APX EGPR] middle-end: Add insn argument to base_reg_class

Hongyu Wang wwwhhhyyy333@gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 04:49:19 GMT 2023

Vladimir Makarov via Gcc-patches <gcc-patches@gcc.gnu.org> 于2023年9月9日周六 01:04写道:
> On 8/31/23 04:20, Hongyu Wang wrote:
> > @@ -2542,6 +2542,8 @@ the code of the immediately enclosing expression (@code{MEM} for the top level
> >   of an address, @code{ADDRESS} for something that occurs in an
> >   @code{address_operand}).  @var{index_code} is the code of the corresponding
> >   index expression if @var{outer_code} is @code{PLUS}; @code{SCRATCH} otherwise.
> > +@code{insn} indicates insn specific base register class should be subset
> > +of the original base register class.
> >   @end defmac
> I'd prefer more general description of 'insn' argument for the macros.
> Something like that:
> @code{insn} can be used to define an insn-specific base register class.

Sure, will adjust in the V2 patch.
Also, currently we reuse the old macro MODE_CODE_BASE_REG_CLASS, do
you think we need a new macro like INSN_BASE_REG_CLASS as other
parameters are actually unused? Then we don't need to change other
targets like avr/gcn.

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