Rust front-end update
Tue Feb 21 12:00:49 GMT 2023

Hi everyone,

This series contain the majority of gccrs commits which were present on
our GitHub repository but did not have a Changelog entry yet. We have
cleaned, rebased, tested and fixed all of these to contain proper
Changelog entries as well as DCO signoff for big contributions.

All of these commits bootstrap and pass our testsuite on x86_64.

Sorry for the amount of commits pushed, but since the project is
starting to receive more and more contributions, we thought it was
important for GCC contributors to hack on the most recent version of the
frontend as well.

Since then, we have started enforcing DCO-signoff and Changelog checks on
our repository, so such a large push will not happen again. As it stands,
there are only 21 commits left in the entire repository which do not have
a Changelog entry, and which I'll upstream in the coming days.

All the best,


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