[PATCH] Add -gcodeview option

Martin Storsjö martin@martin.st
Tue Oct 25 08:21:49 GMT 2022

On Tue, 25 Oct 2022, Mark Harmstone wrote:

> On 24/10/22 12:08, Martin Storsjö wrote:
>> Hmm, what does this end up passing to the linker in the end - does it just 
>> pass "-pdb="? (What does the "*" parameter do here?) If that's the case - 
>> that sounds reasonable - assuming that if a user passes an extra 
>> -Wl,--pdb,myspecificname.pdb, that would take precedence (i.e. be passed 
>> after the compiler's default one). 
> That's right. The "*" means "all languages".

Ok, great.

Btw, stylistically, should we strive towards using double dashes for the 
pdb option? I think that's the most canonical way for such getopt options 
(even though it doesn't make any practical difference). I've started 
trying to update various users to prefer that form (together with 
preferring -Wl,--pdb=<name> over -Wl,--pdb,<name>) and probably will send 
a few more.

// Martin

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