[PATCH] PR fortran/50549 - should detect different type parameters in structure constructors

Tobias Burnus tobias@codesourcery.com
Tue Mar 29 07:14:04 GMT 2022

Hi Harald,

On 28.03.22 22:03, Harald Anlauf via Fortran wrote:
> All current cases of printing a HOST_WIDE_INT in gcc/fortran/ use
> 'sprintf', and I did not find any other use of %wd/%wu.  So the
> mentioned implementation is not really stressed yet... ;-)

That's all your fault ;-)

(Your commit
did remove the only user.)

> ../../gcc-trunk/gcc/fortran/resolve.cc: In function 'bool
> resolve_structure_cons(gfc_expr*, int)':
> ../../gcc-trunk/gcc/fortran/resolve.cc:1388:43: warning: unknown
> conversion type character 'w' in format [-Wformat=]
>      la, lb, comp->name, &cons->expr->where);
>                                            ^

That's only a warning. Have you tried whether it works at runtime?
My bet is that it does!

Question: Do you build with --disable-bootstrap ? Or do you do a proper bootstrap?

I am asking because:
* Here, it bootstraps *without* warnings/errors (I do a full bootstrap)
* GCC is bootstrapped with -Werror, i.e. I had expected an error and not a warning,
   while with --disable-bootstrap, the -Werror is not used as some random
   compiler may have additional (correct or bogus) warnings.
* %wd is only supported since GCC 12.
   The supported formats + the warning is bound to the compiler version,
   i.e. an older compiler does not support newer flags and, thus, warns for
   them when compiling. (But as the support depends on the current source,
   the compile-time warning of older compilers can be ignored.)

   * * *

Can you check & try again?  I don't mind getting a format warning with
GCC < GCC 12. But with GCC 12 compiled (either installed compiler or
when bootstrapping) it should compile without errors.

If you can confirm my suspicion, the patch LGTM.


PS: I played around a bit. And with a GCC 12 bootstrap,
I get as expected an error (not a warning) for something unsupported (%Wd)
while %wd is supported. Additionally, I see a '|' in the output.

The "|" appeared with GCC 9. Thus, I wonder whether you compile w/o
bootstrapping with GCC 8?

../gcc/fortran/resolve.cc:1386:55: error: unknown conversion type character ‘W’ in format [-Werror=format=]
  1386 |               gfc_error ("Unequal character lengths (%Wd/%wd) for pointer "
       |                                                       ^

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