rs6000/testsuite: Use -mdejagnu-cpu= and -mdejagnu-tune= options

Peter Bergner
Fri Mar 25 23:15:56 GMT 2022

On 3/25/22 4:08 PM, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 25, 2022 at 02:51:38PM -0500, Peter Bergner wrote:
>> This patch updates the POWER testsuite test cases using -mcpu= and -mtune=
>> to use the preferred -mdejagnu-cpu= and -mdejagnu-tune= options.  This also
>> obviates the need for the dg-skip-if directive, since the user cannot
>> override the -mcpu= value being used to compile the test case.
> So this is all testcases that say "do not override -mcpu"?

Not all of them, but most of them, yes.

> It seems likely many of these tests should move to .

Probably, that can be a follow on patch.  Maybe a good first patch for Surya.

> Those that should not should likely not use -mcpu= in the first place
> (instead, those tests should use has_arch_pwrN).

If the test cases explicitly added -mcpu=, I'm guessing they need them
to test whatever the test case is checking for.  If we remove the -mcpu=
and reply on dg-require has_arch_pwrN or whatever, then the test case
would only run whenever the default flags match that, right?  So it
would seem we'd get less test coverage than before.

>> +++ b/gcc/testsuite/
>> +++ b/gcc/testsuite/
> I missed these two in reviewing when the -mcpu= was introduced, oops.

It's WAY too easy to miss those, since -mcpu= is such a common option
that we see and use everyday, we almost expect to see it, so it doesn't
look out of place or wrong.

> Okay for trunk.  Also okay for backports if you want / if you think it
> useful.  Thanks!

Thanks, commit pushed.  I had not thought about backports, but if it
helps stabilize our test results there, it can't hurt.  I'll have a
look and see if the tests even exist there or not.


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