[PATCH] contrib: use sphinx-build from a venv

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Tue Jul 26 12:17:19 GMT 2022

On 7/26/22 14:01, Jonathan Wakely via Gcc-patches wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Jul 2022 at 12:56, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
>> Hi -
>>>> The gccadmin team can do this kind of thing without overseer/root
>>>> privileges, or indeed so can any local shell-privileged user.
>>> Yeah, I said I didn't want to install it that way without overseer
>>> approval, as pip won't keep the packages up to date the way dnf
>>> installations do.
>> Indeed, but that's your own preference/responsibility and does not
>> affect the system, so no overseer oversight is necessary.
> OK, I can install it for Martin then.

Thanks Jonathan.

>>>> (That said, rhel8 includes sphynx 1.7.6 - are you sure that's
>>>> not satisfactory?)
>>> That's a different package (full text search engine), what's needed
>>> here is python3-sphinx.
>> # rpm -q python3-sphinx
>> python3-sphinx-1.7.6-2.el8.noarch
> Oh right, yes, sorry, I got confused after I looked into the packages
> myself. The "other sphinx" is in EPEL 8 as sphinx-2.2.11-15.el8

Sorry, but it's too old, we actually need a release that was released this week ;)


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