[PATCH v1 1/2] LoongArch: Modify the method of obtaining symbolic addresses.

Xi Ruoyao xry111@xry111.site
Tue Jul 19 14:29:35 GMT 2022

The change seems too large.  It would be better to split it into
multiple commits (for example, just 3 commits for 1,2,3 below).

On Tue, 2022-07-19 at 21:08 +0800, Lulu Cheng wrote:

> 1. The original LA macro instruction is split into two instructions to
>    obtain the address of the symbol if enable '-mexplicit-relocs'.

It's better to add some test cases (with dg-final scan-assembler) for
this.  The test case will also show humans the intended behavior after
the change.

> 3. Modify the method that calls global functions. From 'la.global + jirl'
>    to 'bl'.

Why?  Does it means we'll rely on the assembler to emit the correct
sequence for -fno-plt?  Then it would be better to use a pseudo mnemonic
like "call" instead of "bl" (because it's not a single "bl"

/* snip */

>  static bool
>  loongarch_valid_index_p (struct loongarch_address_info *info, rtx x,
>                           machine_mode mode, bool strict_p)
> @@ -1881,6 +1978,26 @@ loongarch_classify_address (struct loongarch_address_info *info, rtx x,
>        info->offset = XEXP (x, 1);
>        return (loongarch_valid_base_register_p (info->reg, mode, strict_p)
>               && loongarch_valid_offset_p (info->offset, mode));
> +
> +    case LO_SUM:
> +      info->type = ADDRESS_LO_SUM;
> +      info->reg = XEXP (x, 0);
> +      info->offset = XEXP (x, 1);
> +      /* We have to trust the creator of the LO_SUM to do something vaguely
> +        sane.  Target-independent code that creates a LO_SUM should also
> +        create and verify the matching HIGH.  Target-independent code that
> +        adds an offset to a LO_SUM must prove that the offset will not
> +        induce a carry.  Failure to do either of these things would be
> +        a bug, and we are not required to check for it here.  The MIPS

Don't copy MIPS code.

> +static bool loongarch_split_move_insn_p (rtx dest, rtx src);

Nit: "loongarch_split_move_insn_p" shall start a new line.

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