[PATCH 3/3] lto-plugin: implement LDPT_GET_API_VERSION

Alexander Monakov amonakov@ispras.ru
Mon Jul 11 16:35:58 GMT 2022

On Mon, 11 Jul 2022, Martin Liška wrote:

> I've clarified that linker should return a value that is in range
> [minimal_api_supported, maximal_api_supported] and added an abort
> if it's not the case.

I noticed that we are placing a trap for C++ consumers such as mold
by passing min/max_api_supported as enum values. Unlike C, C++ disallows
out-of-range enum values, so when mold does

enum PluginLinkerAPIVersion {
  LAPI_V0 = 0,

get_api_version(const char *plugin_identifier,
                unsigned plugin_version,
                PluginLinkerAPIVersion minimal_api_supported,
                PluginLinkerAPIVersion maximal_api_supported,
                const char **linker_identifier,
                const char **linker_version) {

checks such as 'min_api_supported > LAPI_V1' can be optimized out. Also,
if a future tool passes LAPI_V2, it will trigger Clang's UBSan (GCC
-fsanitize-undefined=enum instruments loads but not retrieval of function

I'd suggest to fix this on both sides by changing the arguments to plain
integer types.


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