[PATCH 15/17] amdgcn: Support XNACK mode

Andrew Stubbs ams@codesourcery.com
Thu Jul 7 10:34:46 GMT 2022

The XNACK feature allows memory load instructions to restart safely following
a page-miss interrupt.  This is useful for shared-memory devices, like APUs,
and to implement OpenMP Unified Shared Memory.

To support the feature we must be able to set the appropriate meta-data and
set the load instructions to early-clobber.  When the port supports scheduling
of s_waitcnt instructions there will be further requirements.


	* config/gcn/gcn-hsa.h (XNACKOPT): New macro.
	* config/gcn/gcn-opts.h (enum sram_ecc_type): Rename to ...
	(enum hsaco_attr_type): ... this, and generalize the names.
	(TARGET_XNACK): New macro.
	* config/gcn/gcn-valu.md (gather<mode>_insn_1offset<exec>):
	Add xnack compatible alternatives.
	(gather<mode>_insn_2offsets<exec>): Likewise.
	* config/gcn/gcn.c (gcn_option_override): Permit -mxnack for devices
	other than Fiji.
	(gcn_expand_epilogue): Remove early-clobber problems.
	(output_file_start): Emit xnack attributes.
	(gcn_hsa_declare_function_name): Obey -mxnack setting.
	* config/gcn/gcn.md (xnack): New attribute.
	(enabled): Rework to include "xnack" attribute.
	(*movbi): Add xnack compatible alternatives.
	(*mov<mode>_insn): Likewise.
	(*mov<mode>_insn): Likewise.
	(*mov<mode>_insn): Likewise.
	(*movti_insn): Likewise.
	* config/gcn/gcn.opt (-mxnack): Add the "on/off/any" syntax.
	(sram_ecc_type): Rename to ...
	(hsaco_attr_type: ... this.)
	* config/gcn/mkoffload.c (SET_XNACK_ANY): New macro.
	(TEST_XNACK): Delete.
	(TEST_XNACK_ANY): New macro.
	(TEST_XNACK_ON): New macro.
	(main): Support the new -mxnack=on/off/any syntax.
 gcc/config/gcn/gcn-hsa.h    |   3 +-
 gcc/config/gcn/gcn-opts.h   |  10 ++--
 gcc/config/gcn/gcn-valu.md  |  29 ++++-----
 gcc/config/gcn/gcn.cc       |  34 ++++++-----
 gcc/config/gcn/gcn.md       | 113 +++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 gcc/config/gcn/gcn.opt      |  18 +++---
 gcc/config/gcn/mkoffload.cc |  19 ++++--
 7 files changed, 140 insertions(+), 86 deletions(-)

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