[PATCH] Fix redefined macro for epiphany.

Jeff Law jeffreyalaw@gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 15:58:15 GMT 2022

On 1/12/2022 7:56 AM, Richard Biener wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 3:23 PM Jeff Law via Gcc-patches
> <gcc-patches@gcc.gnu.org> wrote:
>> On 1/12/2022 2:47 AM, Martin Liška wrote:
>>> The following warning is emitted gazillion times.
>>> Fixes:
>>> In file included from ./tm.h:23,
>>>                   from gcc/genconfig.c:25:
>>> gcc/config/elfos.h:209: warning: "READONLY_DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP" redefined
>>>    209 | #define READONLY_DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP "\t.section\t.rodata"
>>>        |
>>> In file included from ./tm.h:21,
>>>                   from gcc/genconfig.c:25:
>>> gcc/config/epiphany/epiphany.h:671: note: this is the location of the
>>> previous definition
>>>    671 | #define READONLY_DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP    "\t.section .rodata"
>>> Ready to be installed?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Martin
>>> gcc/ChangeLog:
>>>      * config/elfos.h (READONLY_DATA_SECTION_ASM_OP): Define only if
>>>      not defined.
>> Please do.
>> However, I think we should deprecate the epiphany.  It's been broken for
>> ~2 years randomly failing in reload.  I tried to fix it once and quickly
>> gave up.  It currently ignores all testing failures in my tester as it's
>> been horribly unstable.
> Joern is still listed as maintainer so let's CC him before doing
> anything.  That said,
> if it builds it's good enough for GCC 12 - we can discuss any target
> deprecations
> during stage1 (or deprecate those that don't even build right now,
> though I'm not
> aware of any).
cr16 still uses cc0.  It's marked as deprecated in gcc-12 and assuming 
it doesn't get fixed, removal in gcc-13.

m32c should be deprecated.  While it'll build libgcc, it'll fault (due 
to register allocation/reloading issues) building newlib or anything 
relatively complex.  This has been the case for at least 2 years.

epiphany will build newlib consistently, so I guess keeping it another 
release is OK to see if Joern wants to step up and fix its reload issues.


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