[PATCH 5/6] ira: Consider modelling caller-save allocations as loop spills

Robin Dapp rdapp@linux.ibm.com
Tue Jan 11 08:38:22 GMT 2022

Hi Richard,

this causes a bootstrap error on s390 (where
IRA_HARD_REGNO_ADD_COST_MULTIPLIER is defined). rclass is used in the
#define-guarded area.  I guess you also wanted to move this to the new
function ira_caller_save_cost?



../../gcc/ira-costs.c: In function ‘void ira_tune_allocno_costs()’:
../../gcc/ira-costs.c:2354:45: error: ‘rclass’ was not declared in this
scope; did you mean ‘aclass’?
 2354 |        cost += ((ira_memory_move_cost[mode][rclass][0]
      |                                             ^~~~~~
      |                                             aclass

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