[PATCH v3 0/19] modula-2 front end patches overview

Gaius Mulley gaiusmod2@gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 14:52:06 GMT 2022

Here are the latest modula-2 front end patches.  Since the posting in
I've rewritten the python3 documentation scripts (feedback from
patchset 16) and applied all the suggestions from the feedback in
patchset 15 (gm2-lang.cc).

All the patches are can also be at:
which contains the status of the patch, their contents and testing

Thanks for the feedback - and clean up suggestions!


Patch Summary

The gm2 driver program and top level makefile infrastructure

[PATCH v3] 1/19: changes outside gcc/m2, libgm2 and gcc/testsuite.
[PATCH v3] 2/19: Make-lang.in
[PATCH v3] 3/19: gm2 driver files.

The libraries /libgm2

[PATCH v3] 4/19: libgm2/libm2pim contents
[PATCH v3] 5/19: libgm2/libm2iso contents
[PATCH v3] 6/19: libgm2/libm2min contents
[PATCH v3] 7/19: libgm2/libm2log contents
[PATCH v3] 8/19: libgm2 contents

Modula-2 plugin

[PATCH v3] 9/19: plugin source files

Modula-2 to gimple interface

[PATCH v3] 10/19: gimple interface header files *.h and *.def
[PATCH v3] 11/19: gimple interface *[a-d]*.cc
[PATCH v3] 12/19: gimple interface *[e-f]*.cc
[PATCH v3] 13/19: gimple interface *[g-m]*.cc
[PATCH v3] 14/19: gimple interface remainder

Lexical analysis (flex), lang hooks and debug tree module

[PATCH v3] 15/19: cc1gm2 additional non modula2 source files

Linking bootstrap tool and documentation build script

[PATCH v3] 16/19: bootstrap and documentation tools

Testsuite and remaining files

[PATCH v3] 17/19: dejagnu expect library scripts.

[PATCH v3] 18/19: remainder of the files for the compiler and libraries.  (not posted)
[PATCH v3] 19/19: modula2 testsuite.  (not posted)

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