[PATCH] OpenMP: Ensure that offloaded variables are public

Jakub Jelinek jakub@redhat.com
Tue Nov 30 16:24:49 GMT 2021

On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 11:49:18AM +0000, Andrew Stubbs wrote:
> This patch is needed for AMD GCN offloading when we use the assembler from
> LLVM 13+.
> The GCN runtime (libgomp+ROCm) requires that the location of all variables
> in the offloaded variables table are discoverable at runtime (using the
> "hsa_executable_symbol_get_info" API), and this only works when the symbols
> are exported from the binary. Previously we solved this by having mkoffload
> insert ".global" directives into the assembler text, but newer LLVM
> assemblers emit an error if we do this when then variable was previously
> declared ".local" (which happens when a variable is zero-initialized and
> placed in the BSS).
> Since we can no longer easily fix them up after the fact, this patch fixes
> them up during OMP lowering.

I'm confused, how can that ever work reliably?
The !TREE_PUBLIC offload_vars can be static locals or static globals
or static anon namespace vars, but their names can very easily clash with
either static or non-static variables from other TUs.
Consider in one TU

static int a = 5;
static int baz (void) { static int b;
#pragma omp declare target to (b)
return ++b; }
int foo (void) { return ++a + baz (); }
#pragma omp declare target to (a, foo)


static int a = 5;
static int baz (void) { static int b;
#pragma omp declare target to (b)
return ++b; }
int bar (void) { return ++a + baz (); }
#pragma omp declare target to (a, bar)

main ()
  int v;
  #pragma omp target (from: v)
  v = foo () + bar ();

in another one.  This has
	.quad	a
	.quad	4
	.quad	b.0
	.quad	4
in .offload_var_table.  I'd guess this must fail to link or load
with GCN if it makes them forcibly TREE_PUBLIC.

Why does the GCN plugin or runtime need to know those vars?
It needs to know the single array that contains their addresses of course...


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