[PATCH] jit: Add support for global rvalue initialization and ctors

Petter Tomner tomner@kth.se
Mon Nov 29 20:03:09 GMT 2021


I have wrapped up the patch than adds support for initialization of global variables 
with rvalues aswell as rvalue constructors for structs, arrays and unions.

New entrypoints are:


Which sets the initial value of a global to a rvalue.



Those three makes a constructor with a rvalue that e.g. can be assigned to a local or returned
from a function, or most importantly used to set the initial value of global variables 
with gcc_jit_global_set_initializer_rvalue.

If no fields are specified for a struct or union to the constructors, definition order is assumed.

There can be gaps in the fields specified to the struct constructor, but they need to be in order.

For pointer arithmetic to work with setting DECL_INITIAL, alot of folding is added.

make check-jit runs fine on gnu-linux-x64 Debian.

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