LoongArch Port

chenglulu chenglulu@loongson.cn
Sat Nov 27 08:27:23 GMT 2021

The LoongArch architecture (LoongArch) is an Instruction Set
Architecture (ISA) that has a Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC)
The documents are on

The ELF ABI Documents are on:

The binutils has been merged into trunk:

Note: this GCC port requires the following patch applied to binutils to build.
(will be submitted to upstream soon)

chenglulu (12):

LoongArch Port: gcc build
LoongArch Port: Regenerate gcc/configure.
LoongArch Port: Machine Decsription files.
LoongArch Port: Machine description C files and .h
LoongArch Port: Builtin functions.
LoongArch Port: Builtin macros.
LoongArch Port: libgcc
LoongArch Port: Regenerate libgcc/configure.
LoongArch Port: libgomp
LoongArch Port: gcc/testsuite
LoongArch Port: Regenerate configure
LoongArch Port: Add doc.

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