[PATCH, v2] PR fortran/103411 - ICE in gfc_conv_array_initializer, at fortran/trans-array.c:6377

Mikael Morin morin-mikael@orange.fr
Fri Nov 26 14:45:23 GMT 2021

Le 25/11/2021 à 22:52, Harald Anlauf a écrit :
 > Motivated by your reasoning I tried gfc_reduce_init_expr.  That attempt
 > failed miserably (many regressions), and I think it is not right.

 > Then I found that array sections posed a problem that wasn't detected
 > before.  gfc_simplify_expr seemed to be a better choice that makes more
 > sense for the present situations and seems to work here.  And it even
 > detects many more invalid cases now than e.g. Intel ;-)
Great let’s go with that.
Can you set shape_is_constant just after the simplification?
That is

   gfc_simplify_expr (shape, 0);
   if (gfc_is_constant_expr (shape))
     shape_is_const = true;

   if (shape->expr_type == EXPR_ARRAY && shape_is_const)

This removes the need for multiple case initialization of shape_is_const 
which I overlooked in my previous review.

And the EXPR_ARRAY vs EXPR_VARIABLE change becomes unneeded because the 
simplification should produce an EXPR_ARRAY.

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