[commit][master+OG11] amdgcn: Fix ICE generating CFI [PR103396]

Andrew Stubbs ams@codesourcery.com
Thu Nov 25 16:59:30 GMT 2021

If committed this patch to fix the amdgcn ICE reported in PR103396.

The problem was that it was mis-counting the number of registers to save 
when the link register was only clobbered implicitly by calls. The issue 
is easily fixed by adjusting the condition to match elsewhere in the 
same function.

Committed to master and backported to devel/omp/gcc-11. It should affect 
GCC 11.

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amdgcn: Fix ICE generating CFI [PR103396]


	PR target/103396
	* config/gcn/gcn.c (move_callee_saved_registers): Ensure that the
	number of spilled registers is counted correctly.

diff --git a/gcc/config/gcn/gcn.c b/gcc/config/gcn/gcn.c
index 75a9c576694..2bde88afc32 100644
--- a/gcc/config/gcn/gcn.c
+++ b/gcc/config/gcn/gcn.c
@@ -2785,7 +2785,7 @@ move_callee_saved_registers (rtx sp, machine_function *offsets,
 		int start = (regno == VGPR_REGNO (7) ? 64 : 0);
 		int count = MIN (saved_scalars - start, 64);
 		int add_lr = (regno == VGPR_REGNO (6)
-			      && df_regs_ever_live_p (LINK_REGNUM));
+			      && offsets->lr_needs_saving);
 		int lrdest = -1;
 		rtvec seq = rtvec_alloc (count + add_lr);

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