aix: adjust installation directories for GCC64

David Edelsohn
Wed Nov 24 23:31:30 GMT 2021

On Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 4:12 AM CHIGOT, CLEMENT <> wrote:
> As gcc on 64bit for AIX is built with "MULTILIB_MATCHES= .=maix32",
> "-print-multi-directory" and similar flags aren't returning the
> correct directory when used with -maix32: "." is returned instead
> of "ppc32".
> Libgcc installation script needs to be adjust to bypass this
> problem and correctly install 32bit files in a ppc32 subdirectory.
> libgcc/ChangeLog:
> 2021-09-03  Clément Chigot  <>
>         * config/rs6000/t-slibgcc-aix (SHLIB_INSTALL): Replace
>         "$(slibdir)@shlib_slibdir_qual@" by $(inst_libdir).

Hi, Clement

Sorry for the delay.

I believe that this is a change in behavior.  Maybe you don't see it
because you use --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs?  If one uses
that configure option, your patch produces the same results -- it's
explicitly using that version-specific directory.  If one does not use
that configure option, your patch enforces that behavior.  The patch
should not change that behavior.

Based on your question in another email message, I infer that
MULTIOSSUBDIR and shlib_slibdir_qual are defined incorrectly.

Thanks, David

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