[PATCH 0/3] Add zero cycle move support

Bill Schmidt wschmidt@linux.ibm.com
Mon Nov 22 15:57:57 GMT 2021


On 11/19/21 8:49 AM, Michael Meissner wrote:
> The next set of 3 patches add zero cycle move support to the Power10.  Zero
> cycle moves are where the move to LR/CTR/TAR register that is adjacent to the
> jump to LR/CTR/TAR register can be fused together.
> At the moment, these set of three patches add support for zero cycle moves for
> indirect jumps and switch tables using the CTR register.  Potential zero cycle
> moves for doing returns are not currently handled.
> In looking at the code, I discovered that just using zero cycle moves isn't as
> helpful unless we can eliminate the add instruction before doing the jump.  I
> also noticed that the various power10 fusion options are only done if
> -mcpu=power10.  I added a patch to do the fusion for -mtune=power10 as well.
> I have done bootstraps and make check with these patches installed on both
> little endian power9 and little endian power10 systems.  Can I install these
> patches?
> The following patches will be posted:
> 1) Patch to add zero cycle move for indirect jumps and switches.
> 2) Patch to enable p10 fusion for -mtune=power10 in addition to -mcpu=power10.
> 3) Patch to use absolute addresses for switch tables instead of relative
>    addresses if zero cycle fusion is enabled.
For this last point, I had thought that the plan was to always switch over to
absolute addresses for switch tables, following the work that Hao Chen did in
this area.  Am I misremembering?  Hao Chen, can you please remind me where we
ended up here?


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