[PATCH] PR fortran/87851 - [9/10/11/12 Regression] Wrong return type for len_trim

Harald Anlauf anlauf@gmx.de
Fri Nov 19 19:47:07 GMT 2021

Dear Fortranners,

scalariziation of the elemental intrinsic LEN_TRIM was ICEing
when the optional KIND argument was present.

The cleanest solution is to use the infrastructure added by
Mikael's fix for PR97896.  In that case it is a 1-liner.  :-)

That fix is available on mainline and on 11-branch only, though.
My suggestion is to fix the current PR only for the same branches,
leaving the regression unfixed for older ones.

Regtested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.  OK for mainline and 11-branch?


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