[PATCH] gcc: vxworks: fix providing stdint.h header

Olivier Hainque hainque@adacore.com
Fri Nov 19 18:11:57 GMT 2021

Hi Rasmus,

> On 12 Nov 2021, at 17:35, Olivier Hainque <hainque@adacore.com> wrote:

> We have had to use for stdbool a similar trick as we had
> for stdint (need to preinclude yyvals.h), which we will need to
> propagate somehow. I'm not yet sure how to reconcile that with
> your observations.

>> In file included from .../gcc-build/powerpc-wrs-vxworks/libstdc++-v3/include/memory:72,
>>                from .../gcc-src/libstdc++-v3/include/precompiled/stdc++.h:82:
>> .../gcc-build/powerpc-wrs-vxworks/libstdc++-v3/include/bits/align.h:36:10: fatal error: stdint.h: No such file or directory
>>  36 | #include <stdint.h>     // uintptr_t
>>     |          ^~~~~~~~~~
>> compilation terminated.
>> Makefile:1861: recipe for target 'powerpc-wrs-vxworks/bits/stdc++.h.gch/O2ggnu++0x.gch' failed
>> make[5]: *** [powerpc-wrs-vxworks/bits/stdc++.h.gch/O2ggnu++0x.gch] Error 1

>> For the approach with an extra makefile fragment to work, that rule
>> would have to fire after stmp-int-hdrs as it does now (i.e., after the
>> common logic has removed stdint.h), but it must also run before we
>> actually start building target libraries that depend on having a
>> stdint.h - and I can't find something reasonable to make the rule a
>> dependency of.

I was just able to get complete build of a gcc-11 based compiler
with only a couple of minor additions on top of what we already have,
part of which I was planning to propagate, including the stdbool trick
similar to the one for stdint.

I didn't hit the error you have and we have never hit it before,
which suggests there might be some significant difference between our
ways to build that could help.

Your error triggers on O2ggnu++0x.gch and we configure with

Can you see if adding this to your configuration options helps
on your end?

Thanks in advance,


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