[PATCH 3/4] Darwin : Allow for configuring Darwin to use embedded runpath.

Joseph Myers joseph@codesourcery.com
Thu Nov 18 21:49:03 GMT 2021

On Wed, 17 Nov 2021, Iain Sandoe via Gcc-patches wrote:

> If we are going to try and reconcile GCC’s local libtool for more 
> generic Darwin use, then I fear that is going to take quite significant 
> work over a period of time (since it will need much more wide testing 
> than GCC).

The goal isn't any kind of merging GCC's libtool with upstream right now.  
But, once the new maintainer has got through the patch backlog, we'd like 
to be in a position where the starting point for a libtool update in GCC 
is simply taking upstream libtool and reverting libtool commit 
3334f7ed5851ef1e96b052f2984c4acdbf39e20c to deal with a mismatch of 
--with-sysroot interpretations - but not needing any local changes other 
than that reversion.  If each local libtool patch gets submitted upstream 
before being applied to GCC, that reduces the chances of missing some 
significant local change that needs to be reapplied when updating libtool 
(given that GCC is apparently using libtool commit 
2c9c38d8a12eb0a2ce7fe9c3862523026c3d5622 from 2009, it may well be 
nontrivial to figure out whether a given local change is actually relevant 
with a new libtool version or not).

Joseph S. Myers

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