Summary of outstanding builtins infrastructure patches

Bill Schmidt
Thu Nov 18 16:57:51 GMT 2021

Hi!  Thanks for all the recent reviews and conversations on the builtins
infrastructure patches.  I've posted a lot of stuff in the last couple
of days, so I thought it might be useful to summarize which patches still
need review.  No rush, just trying to make it easier to consume...
  Add [power6-64] stanza
  Not yet reviewed
  V2: Fix a handful of 32-bit built-in function problems
  Follow-up patch after lengthy discussion
  Test changes for BFP scalar tests
  This is the last post in the conversation.  I'm hoping that an additional
    patch to change the note diagnostic will make this more palatable.
    Resolving this will help with some of the other patches.
  Test changes for byte-in-set-2.c
  Not yet reviewed
  Test changes for compare-bytes
  Not yet reviewed
  Test changes for pr80315-*.c, pr88100.c
  Not yet reviewed
  Test changes for pragma_misc9.c
  Not yet reviewed
  Test changes for test_fpscr_[d]rn_builtin_error.c
  Not yet reviewed

That's the lot.  Once again, I really appreciate all the time you've
spent reviewing this series this year!


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