[PATCH] Loop unswitching: support gswitch statements.

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Tue Nov 16 14:40:50 GMT 2021

On 11/11/21 08:15, Richard Biener wrote:
> So I'd try to do no functional change first, improving the costing and
> setting up the transform to simply pick up the stmts to "fold" as discovered
> during analysis (as I hinted you possibly can use gimple_uid to mark
> the stmts that simplify, IIRC gimple_uid is preserved during copying.
> gimple_uid would also scale better than gimple_plf in case we do
> the analysis for all candidates at once).

Thinking about the analysis. Am I correct that we want to properly calculate
loop size for true and false edge of a potential gcond before the actually unswitching?

We can do that by finding a first gcond candidate, evaluate (symbolic + irange approache)
all other gcond in the loop body and use BB_REACHABLE discovery. Similarly to what we do now
at lines 378-446. Then tree_num_loop_insns can be adjusted for only these reachable blocks.
Having that, we can calculate # of insns that will live in true/false loops.

Then we can call tree_unswitch_loop and make the gcond folding as we do in the versioned loops.

Is it a step in good direction? Having that we can then extend it to gswitch statements.


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