[vect-patterns] Refactor widen_plus/widen_minus as internal_fns

Joel Hutton Joel.Hutton@arm.com
Tue Nov 16 10:19:57 GMT 2021

Updated patch 2 with explanation included in commit message and changes requested.

Bootstrapped and regression tested on aarch64
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> From: Joel Hutton
> Sent: 12 November 2021 11:42
> To: Richard Biener <rguenther@suse.de>
> Cc: gcc-patches@gcc.gnu.org; Richard Sandiford
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> Subject: RE: [vect-patterns] Refactor widen_plus/widen_minus as
> internal_fns
> > please use #define INCLUDE_MAP before the system.h include instead.

> > Is it really necessary to build a new std::map for each optab lookup?!
> > That looks quite ugly and inefficient.  We'd usually - if necessary at
> > all - build a auto_vec<std::pair<key,data> > and .sort () and .bsearch () it.
> Ok, I'll rework this part. In the meantime, to address your other comment.

> > I'm not sure I understand DEF_INTERNAL_OPTAB_MULTI_FN, neither this
> > cover letter nor the patch ChangeLog explains anything.
> I'll attempt to clarify, if this makes things clearer I can include this in the
> commit message of the respun patch:
> provides convenience wrappers for defining conversions that require a hi/lo
> split, like widening and narrowing operations.  Each definition for <NAME>
> will require an optab named <OPTAB> and two other optabs that you specify
> for signed and unsigned. The hi/lo pair is necessary because the widening
> operations take n narrow elements as inputs and return n/2 wide elements
> as outputs. The 'lo' operation operates on the first n/2 elements of input.
> The 'hi' operation operates on the second n/2 elements of input. Defining an
> internal_fn along with hi/lo variations allows a single internal function to be
> returned from a vect_recog function that will later be expanded to hi/lo.
> DEF_INTERNAL_OPTAB_MULTI_FN is used in internal-fn.def to register a
> widening internal_fn. It is defined differently in different places and internal-
> fn.def is sourced from those places so the parameters given can be reused.
>   internal-fn.c: defined to expand to hi/lo signed/unsigned optabs, later
> defined to generate the  'expand_' functions for the hi/lo versions of the fn.
>   internal-fn.def: defined to invoke DEF_INTERNAL_OPTAB_FN for the original
> and hi/lo variants of the internal_fn
>  For example:
> for aarch64: IFN_VEC_WIDEN_PLUS_HI   -> vec_widen_<su>addl_hi_<mode>
> -> (u/s)addl2
>                        IFN_VEC_WIDEN_PLUS_LO  -> vec_widen_<su>addl_lo_<mode>
> -> (u/s)addl
> This gives the same functionality as the previous
> WIDEN_PLUS/WIDEN_MINUS tree codes which are expanded into
> Let me know if I'm not expressing this clearly.
> Thanks,
> Joel
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