[AArch64] Enable generation of FRINTNZ instructions

Richard Biener rguenther@suse.de
Fri Nov 12 10:56:05 GMT 2021

On Thu, 11 Nov 2021, Andre Vieira (lists) wrote:

> Hi,
> This patch introduces two IFN's FTRUNC32 and FTRUNC64, the corresponding
> optabs and mappings. It also creates a backend pattern to implement them for
> aarch64 and a match.pd pattern to idiom recognize these.
> These IFN's (and optabs) represent a truncation towards zero, as if performed
> by first casting it to a signed integer of 32 or 64 bits and then back to the
> same floating point type/mode.
> The match.pd pattern choses to use these, when supported, regardless of
> trapping math, since these new patterns mimic the original behavior of
> truncating through an integer.
> I didn't think any of the existing IFN's represented these. I know it's a bit
> late in stage 1, but I thought this might be OK given it's only used by a
> single target and should have very little impact on anything else.
> Bootstrapped on aarch64-none-linux.
> OK for trunk?

On the RTL side ftrunc32/ftrunc64 would probably be better a conversion
optab (with two modes), so not

+OPTAB_D (ftrunc32_optab, "ftrunc$asi2")
+OPTAB_D (ftrunc64_optab, "ftrunc$adi2")


OPTAB_CD (ftrunc_shrt_optab, "ftrunc$a$I$b2")

or so?  I know that gets somewhat awkward for the internal function,
but IMHO we shouldn't tie our hands because of that?


> gcc/ChangeLog:
>         * config/aarch64/aarch64.md (ftrunc<mode><frintnz_mode>2): New
> pattern.
>         * config/aarch64/iterators.md (FRINTZ): New iterator.
>         * doc/md.texi: New entry for ftrunc pattern name.
>         * internal-fn.def (FTRUNC32): New IFN.
>         (FTRUNC64): Likewise.
>         * match.pd: Add to the existing TRUNC pattern match.
>         * optabs.def (OPTAB_D): New entries for ftrunc.
> gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog:
>         * gcc.target/aarch64/merge_trunc1.c: Adapted to skip if frintNz
> instruction available.
>         * lib/target-supports.exp: Added arm_v8_5a_frintnzx_ok target.
>         * gcc.target/aarch64/frintnz.c: New test.

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