Re: [PATCH] tree-optimization/103188 - avoid running ranger on not-up-to-date SSA

Richard Biener
Thu Nov 11 16:57:58 GMT 2021

On November 11, 2021 5:43:48 PM GMT+01:00, Aldy Hernandez <> wrote:
>Thanks for doing this!
>> +  gimple_ranger *ranger = new gimple_ranger;
>> +  path_range_query *query = new path_range_query (*ranger, /*resolve=*/true);
>Hmmm, it looks like both clients are now instantiating a gimple_ranger
>just so they can pass it down to the path_range_query.  Maybe we
>should  have another ctor with just:
>path_range_query (bool resolve);
>...and have it allocate its own ranger.
>Does this seem like a useful improvement?  For that matter, resolve
>should default to true.  The option is only there so the backward
>threader can run in a "light" mode (early threading, etc).

I've just copied from the two duplicate instances of this, so I don't know nothing here ;) 


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