[PATCH] Convert strlen pass from evrp to ranger.

Jeff Law jeffreyalaw@gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 00:09:18 GMT 2021

On 10/15/2021 4:39 AM, Aldy Hernandez wrote:
> On 10/15/21 2:47 AM, Andrew MacLeod wrote:
>> On 10/14/21 6:07 PM, Martin Sebor via Gcc-patches wrote:
>>> On 10/9/21 12:47 PM, Aldy Hernandez via Gcc-patches wrote:
>>>> We seem to be passing a lot of context around in the strlen code.  I
>>>> certainly don't want to contribute to more.
>>>> Most of the handle_* functions are passing the gsi as well as either
>>>> ptr_qry or rvals.  That looks a bit messy.  May I suggest putting all
>>>> of that in the strlen pass object (well, the dom walker object, but we
>>>> can rename it to be less dom centric)?
>>>> Something like the attached (untested) patch could be the basis for
>>>> further cleanups.
>>>> Jakub, would this line of work interest you?
>>> You didn't ask me but since no one spoke up against it let me add
>>> some encouragement: this is exactly what I was envisioning and in
>>> line with other such modernization we have been doing elsewhere.
>>> Could you please submit it for review?
>>> Martin
>> I'm willing to bet he didn't submit it for review because he doesn't 
>> have time this release to polish and track it...  (I think the 
>> threader has been quite consuming).  Rather, it was offered as a 
>> starting point for someone else who might be interested in continuing 
>> to pursue this work...  *everyone* is interested in cleanup work 
>> others do :-)
> Exactly.  There's a lot of work that could be done in this area, and 
> I'm trying to avoid the situation with the threaders where what 
> started as refactoring ended up with me basically owning them ;-).
> That being said, I there are enough cleanups that are useful on their 
> own.  I've removed all the passing around of GSIs, as well as ptr_qry, 
> with the exception of anything dealing with the sprintf pass, since it 
> has a slightly different interface.
> This is patch 0001, which I'm formally submitting for inclusion. No 
> functional changes with this patch.  OK for trunk?
> Also, I am PINGing patch 0002, which is the strlen pass conversion to 
> the ranger.  As mentioned, this is just a change from an evrp client 
> to a ranger client.  The APIs are exactly the same, and besides, the 
> evrp analyzer is deprecated and slated for removal. OK for trunk?
> Aldy
> 0001-Convert-strlen-pass-from-evrp-to-ranger.patch
>  From 152bc3a1dad9a960b7c0c53c65d6690532d9da5a Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: Aldy Hernandez<aldyh@redhat.com>
> Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2021 15:54:23 +0200
> Subject: [PATCH] Convert strlen pass from evrp to ranger.
> The following patch converts the strlen pass from evrp to ranger,
> leaving DOM as the last remaining user.
> No additional cleanups have been done.  For example, the strlen pass
> still has uses of VR_ANTI_RANGE, and the sprintf still passes around
> pairs of integers instead of using a proper range.  Fixing this
> could further improve these passes.
> Basically the entire patch is just adjusting the calls to range_of_expr
> to include context.  The previous context of si->stmt was mostly
> empty, so not really useful ;-).
> With ranger we are now able to remove the range calculation from
> before_dom_children entirely.  Just working with the ranger on-demand
> catches all the strlen and sprintf testcases with the exception of
> builtin-sprintf-warn-22.c which is due to a limitation of the sprintf
> code.  I have XFAILed the test and documented what the problem is.
> On a positive note, these changes found two possible sprintf overflow
> bugs in the C++ and Fortran front-ends which I have fixed below.
> Tested on x86-64 Linux.
> gcc/ChangeLog:
> 	* tree-ssa-strlen.c (compare_nonzero_chars): Pass statement
> 	context to ranger.
> 	(get_addr_stridx): Same.
> 	(get_stridx): Same.
> 	(get_range_strlen_dynamic): Same.
> 	(handle_builtin_strlen): Same.
> 	(handle_builtin_strchr): Same.
> 	(handle_builtin_strcpy): Same.
> 	(maybe_diag_stxncpy_trunc): Same.
> 	(handle_builtin_stxncpy_strncat):
> 	(handle_builtin_memcpy): Same.
> 	(handle_builtin_strcat): Same.
> 	(handle_alloc_call): Same.
> 	(handle_builtin_memset): Same.
> 	(handle_builtin_string_cmp): Same.
> 	(handle_pointer_plus): Same.
> 	(count_nonzero_bytes_addr): Same.
> 	(count_nonzero_bytes): Same.
> 	(handle_store): Same.
> 	(fold_strstr_to_strncmp): Same.
> 	(handle_integral_assign): Same.
> 	(check_and_optimize_stmt): Same.
> 	(class strlen_dom_walker): Replace evrp with ranger.
> 	(strlen_dom_walker::before_dom_children): Remove evrp.
> 	(strlen_dom_walker::after_dom_children): Remove evrp.
> 	* gimple-ssa-warn-access.cc (maybe_check_access_sizes):
> 	Restrict sprintf output.
> gcc/cp/ChangeLog:
> 	* ptree.c (cxx_print_xnode): Add more space to pfx array.
> gcc/fortran/ChangeLog:
> 	* misc.c (gfc_dummy_typename): Make sure ts->kind is
> 	non-negative.
> gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog:
> 	* gcc.dg/tree-ssa/builtin-sprintf-warn-22.c: XFAIL.
OK.  Had I realized 99% was just adding the new argument to a bunch of 
call sites, I would have taken care of it earlier.

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